Pharmacy Book

Free Download Pharmacy Book For Diploma Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy and M.Pharm



1.Goodman & Gillman’s The pharmacological basis of therapeutics

by Laurence L. Brunton, Keith L. Parker,

Donald K. Blumenthal, Iain Buxton


2.Lippincott Modern Pharmacology With Clinical Applications 5E

by Charles R Craig, Robert E. Stitzel                  Download



by H.P Rang, M M Dale, J M Ritter, R J Flower


4. Essentials of Medical Pharmacology- 6th – K.D.Tripathi  Download


5.Basic & Clinical Pcology 9th Edition – Bertram G. Katzung  Download


1.Quality control methods for medicinal plant materials WHO  Download


2. Handbook of Medicinal Herbs Second Edition                     Download

by James A Duke


3.Medicinal Natural Product. A Biosynthetic Approach- Second Edition
by Paul M Dewick



Clinical Pharmacy – II

1. Text Book of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management. 8th Ed. Editors: Eric

T.Herfindal and Dick R. Gurley, Williams and Wilkins, 2006

2. Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. Roger Walker and Clive Edwards, Churchill

Livingstone Edinburgh / London,4th ed,2008

3. A text book of Clinical Pharmacy Practice (Essential concepts and skills). G.

Parthasarhi, Karin Nyfort-Hansen & Milap C Nahata. University Press impression,


4.Pathology & Therapeutics for Pharmacists. Russell J. Greene and Norman F. Harris.Chapman & Hall, London / Glasgow / Madras.

5. Davidson’s Principle and Practice of Medicine, Eds. Christopher R.W. Edwards & Ian A.D. Boucher ELBS with Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh.

6. Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs Eds. Brian S. Katcher, Lloyd YeeYoung, Marry Anne Koda-Kimble, Applied Therapeutics Inc.

7. Melmon and Morrelli’s Clinical Pharmacology, 4th Edition. Authors: S.George Carrathers, Brian B. Hoffman, Kenneth L. Melmon and David W. Nierenberg. McGraw Hill, 2000.

8. Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiological Approach. J. T. Dipiro, R. L. Talbert etal, McGraw-Hill, New York




Dosage Form Design – II

1. Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics by Leon Shargel, Susanna Wu- Pong and Andrew B. C. Yu.

2. Pharmacokinetics by Milo Gibaldi and Donald Perrier.

3. Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mack Publishing Company,Easton, Pennsylvania.

4 Clinical Pharmacokinetics: Concepts and Applications by Rowland and Tozar, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

5. Controlled Drug delivery, Fundamentals and Applications by J.R. Robinson & Uinvent Lee, Marcel Dekkar Inc.

6. Noval Drug Delivery Systems by Y. W. Chian Ed. James Swarbrick, Marcel Dekker.

7. The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy by L Lachman, H

Lieberman and J Kanig.

8 Pharmaceutical Preformulation by Carstensen JT, Technomic Publishing Company, Inc., New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, Pennysylvania, USA.

9. Pharmacokinetics by Milo Gibaldi and Donald Perrier.

10. Hanbook of Pharmaceutical excipients, Royal society of Great Britain, U.K.

11. Stability Studies, Marcel Dekker.

12. Pharmaceutical dissolution testing by Umesh V. Banker, Marcel Dekker Inc.





Pharmaceutical Analysis

1. Principles of Instrumental Analysis by Skoog, Holler and Nieman, 5th edition.

2. Instrumental methods of Analysis, H.H. Willard, L.L. Meritt, J.A. Dean and F.A. Settle Wadsworath , New York

3. Pharmaceutical Analysis: Modern methods Part A, Part B, James W. Munson.

4. Quality Assurance Guide by Organization of Pharmaceutical Products of India.

5. S. Weinberg, “Good Laboratory Practice Regulation” Drugs and Pharm. Sci. Series, Vol. 124, 2nd Ed., Marcel Dekker Inc., N.Y.

6 Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals – A compendium of guidelines and related materials – Vol. I – WHO Publications.

7. IPR Handbook for Pharma Students and researchers – Parikshit Bansal, Pharma Book Syndicate, Hyderabad

8. Pharmacopoeia of India, Govt. of India, Ministry of Health.

9. British Pharmacopoeia, ministry of health and social welfare, UK.

10. The United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary (USP–NF)

11. Vogel’s Text Book of Quantitative Chemical Analysis by G. H. Jeffery, J. Basset, J. Mendham, R. C. Denny (Rev. by), Longman, London

12. A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis. Connors K.A.

13. Practical Pharmaceutical chemistry by A.H. Beckett and J.B. Stenlake.

14. Pharmacopoeia: USP, B.P., I.P.

15. Practical Pharm. Chemistry, Vol. B – Backett, The athlone Press of University of London.

16. Textbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis – J. W. Munson, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York.

17. Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry – Skoog, Harcourt College Publishers.

18. Quantitative chemical analysis – Vogel A.I, Pearson Education.

19. Text Book of Pharmaceutical Analysis – K. A. Connor, John Willey & Sons.

20. Quantitative Chemical Analysis – Ayer by Harper & Row, New York



Pharmaceutical Chemistry  (Medicinal Chemistry)


1. Textbook of organic medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, J. N. Delagado and W. A. R. Remers, 11th ed, Wilson and Giswolds

2. Principles of medicinal chemistry, W. C. Foye, Lea and Febiger

3. Medicinal chemistry, H. E. Wolff, edn, Burgers

4. Strategies for organic drug synthesis and design by Daniel Lednicer

5. An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, 4th Edition, G. L. Patrick.

6.Vogel’s Text books practical organic chemistry, ELBS/Longman

7. Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry by Arthur Vogel

8. Organic chemistry by I. L. Finar.

9. Fundamentals of drug metabolism and B. N. Ladu, H. G. Mandel and E. L. Way.

10. Vogel’s Text books practical organic chemistry

11. Practical organic chemistry by Mann and Saunders

12. The systematic identification of organic compounds  by Shriner, Hermann, Morill, Curtin and Fusion.

13. A Handbook of Organic Analysis Qualitative and Quantitative, Fourth edition, By Hans Thacher Clarke

14. Elementary Practical Organic Chemistry, Arthur Vogel, Part-I and II, Second edition, CBS Publisher.


Pharmaceutical Technology

1. The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy by L Lachman, H Lieberman and J Kanig.

2. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy by Gennaro, Alfonso R

3. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems by Ansel & others.

4. Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design by Michael E. Aulton

5. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Tablets: by Lieberman, Leon Lachman and Joseph B. Schwartz, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York.

6. GMP for Pharmaceuticals by Willig and Storker.

7. Cosmetics by Poucher

8. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy by Gennaro, Alfonso R.

9. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Disperse systems: by

Lieberman, Leon Lachman and Joseph B. Schwartz, Marcel Dekker

10. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medication: by Lieberman, Leon Lachman and Joseph B. Schwartz, Marcel Dekker

11. Modern Pharmaceutics by Gilbert S. Banker and Christopher T. Rhodes, Marcel Dekker




Pharmacognosy VII (Herbal Formulations &Complimentary



1. Quality Control of Herbal Drugs: An Approach to Evaluation of Botanicals By Mukherjee Pulok

2. Textbook of industrial Pharmacognosy by  Kalia A.N

3. Trease and Evans Pharmacognosy. Fifteenth Edition, William Charles Evans, W. B. Saunders

4. Pharmacognosy: by V. E. Tyler, L. R. Brady, J. E. Habbers, Lea and Febiger Philadelphia, 9th Edition, 1988.

5. A Text book of Pharmacognosy: C. S. Shah, J. S. Quadry, B. S. Shah Prakashan, Ahmedabad. 13th Edition, 2007-08.

4. Textbook of Pharmacognosy: T. E. Wallis, CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 5th Edition, reprinted, 2003.

5. A Textbook of Pharmacognosy. Fifth Edition, T. C. Denston, Pitman Medical Publishing Co. Ltd., London.

6. Modern Pharmacognosy. Egil Ramstad, McGraw-Hill Book Company, London, New York, Toronto.

7. Textbook of Pharmacogonosy. Sixth Edition, 1948, Heber W. Youngken, The Blakiston Company, Toronto.

8. Pharmacognosy: Phytochemistry Medicinal Plants. Jean Bruneton, 2nd Edition; 1999.

9. Laboratory Handbook for the fractionationation of Nattutal extracts by Peter Houghton and Amala Raman

10. Cultivation and Utilization of Aromatic Plants, Handa S. S. and Kaul M. K

11. Cultivation and Utilization of Aromatic Plants, Atal C. K. and Kapur B. M.

13. Anonymous, Ayurvedic Formulary of India,

14. Notable Plants in Ethnomedicine of India, S.K. Jain, B.K. Sinha and R.C. Gupta, National Botanical Research Institute

15. Medicinal plants by Kirtikar K.R., Basu B.D., Volume-III, 2nd edition (reprint)

16. Trease E. and Evans W.C., Pharmacognosy, 16th edition, Balliere Tindall.

17. Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants, Biotechnology and Genetic

Engineering. By J. N. Govil, P. Ananda Kumar, V. K. Singh

18. The Organic Constituents of Higher Plants. Their chemistry and interrelationships. Trevor Robinson, Burges Publishing Company, Minneapolis, USA, 1963.

19. Text Book of Pharmacognosy, 5th Edition, by Wallis T.E., CBS Publishers and Distributors.

20. Qadry J.S., Shah and Qadry’s Pharmacognosy, B.S.Shah Publication.

21. Atlas of Microscopy of Medicinal Plants, by Jackson B.P.

22. Pharmacognosy (Degree)Kokate C.K, Purohit A.P. and Gokhale S.B., Nirali Prakashan

23. Practical Pharmacognosy by Kokate C.K.  Vallabh Prakashan

24. Textbook of Natural Products, by Ansari, Pharmacognosy Latest Edition.

25. Agrawal O.P., Natural Products, Vol I & II, Goel Publishing House, Meerut, 2004.

26. Kalyan Kumar De, An introduction to Plant Tissue Culture, New Central Book Agency (P) ltd., Culcutta

27. Anonymous, Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Govt. of India.

28. Anonymous, Wealth of India, CSIR.

29. M.G. Chauhan, Microscopy of Leaf Drugs, Jamnagar Ayurveda University.

30. Vaidya Bapalal, Some Controversial Drugs in Indian Medicine, Chaukhambha Orientalia, Varanasi.

31. Anonymous, Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants, ICMR

32. Chauhan M.G., Microscopy of Bark Drugs, Jamnagar Ayurveda University.

33. Pharmacognosy And Pharmacobiotechnology. James E. Robbers, Marilyn K. Speedie,Varro E. Tyler, Williams & Wilkins, 1996




1. Rang, H.P. and Dale, M.M. Pharmacology, 5th edition, 2010. Publisher : Churchil Livingstone.

2. Tripathi K.D., Essentials of medical pharmacology 6th ed, 2010, Jaypee brothers medical publishers pvt, ltd.

3. Goodman Gilman A., Rall T.W., Nies A.I.S. and Taylor, P. Goodman and Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of therapeutics, 12th edition, 2011. Mc Graw Hill, Pergamon Press.

4. Katzung, B.G. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill, New York,11th edn, 2009

5. Satoskar, R.S. and Bhandarkar, S.D. Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, 20th edition (single volume), 2010,

6. Kulkarni S.K. Handbook of experimental pharmacology, 3rd edition, 2009, Vallabh Prakashan, New Delhi.

7. Ghosh, M.N. Fundamentals of experimental pharmacology. Latest edition, Publisher: Scietific book agency, Kolkata.

8. R.K.Goyal. Practicals in Pharmacology: B.S. Shah Prakashan, Ahmedabad.



Dispensing Pharmacy 

1. Pharmaceutical Practice – by Diana M. Collett and Michale E. Aulton

2. Dispensing for pharmaceutical by Cooper and Gunn by S.J. Carter, CBS Publishers.

3. Pharmaceutical Calculations by Mitchell J. Stocklosa and Howard C. Ansel, B. I. Waverly Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

4. Pharmaceutical Dosage forms and Drug delivery systems by Howard C. Ansel, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

5. Pharmaceutical Practice, Edited by A.J. Winfield and R.M.E. Richards.

6. Hospital Pharmacy by William E. Hassan, Henry Kimpton Publishers, London.

7. Hospital Organization and management by Kurt Dan and Jonathan S. Ratich, CBS Publishers.

8. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, Latest Edition, by Mack Publishing Company


Forensic Pharmacy 

1. A text book of forensic pharmacy by B. M. Mithal, Vallabh Prakashan..

2. The patents act 1970 with patents rules 1972.

3. The narcotic dugs and psychotropic substance act, 1985 with the prevention of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance act, 1988 along with Allied rules and orders, 1993.

4. The medical termination of pregnancy act 1971, along with the medical termination of pregnancy rules 1975.

5. Insecticides act 1963 together with insecticides rules 1971 and insecticides (price, stock, display and submission of reports) order 1986 along with selected notifications (5th edition 1998).

6. The drugs (price control) order 1987 – along with new drug policy 1994 and drugs (price control) order 1995.

7. The opium act 1857 with opium act 1878 and opium and revenue laws act 1950.

8. The standards of weights and measures act 1976.

9. The Pharmacy Act 1998.

10. The prevention of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act 1988.

11. The poisons act 1999.

12. The minimum wages act 1948.

13. The drug and cosmetics act 1940.

14. The medicinal and toilet preparation act 1955.

15. The factories act 1948.

16. Prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960.

17. Drugs and consmetics act 1940 by Vijay Malik Eastern Book Company.

18. Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence by G.K. Jani, Atul Prakashan.



Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Organic)

1. Organic Chemistry, Robert T. Morrison and Robert N. Boyd, 6th Ed., Pearson Education, 2002.

2. Organic Chemistry, G. Marc Loudon, 4th Ed.

3. Organic Chemistry, Vol I and II by I. L. Finar, 6th Ed., Pearson Education, 2000.

4. Advanced Organic Chemistry, Jerry March, 4th Ed., Wiley India, 2007.

5. Vogel’s textbook of practical organic chemistry, 5th Edition, Pearson Education Ltd., 2005

6. “Experimental Organic Chemistry” L. M. Harwood, L. J. Moody, J. M. Percy, 2nd Edition, Blackwell Science, 2005.

7. Techniques and Experiment of Organic Chemistry, Addison Ault, 6th Edition, University Science Books, 1998.

8. Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques, A Microscale Approach, Donald L. Pavia, Gary M. Lampman, George S. Kriz, 3rd Edition, Harcourt College Pub., 4th Edition, 2007




1. William J.  Larsen:  Anatomy  –  Development,  function,  Clinical  Correlations–      Saunders (Elsevier Science)

2. Guyton A.C. and Hall J.E.: Textbook of Medical Physiology – 10th Edition– W. B. Saunders

3. Anatomy and Physiology  by Seeley R. R., Stephens T. D. and Tate P 2000–      McGraw Hill Co.

4. Anatomy and Physiology in Health and illness  by Waugh A. and Grant A.: Ross and Wilson’s–– Churchill Livingstone

5 Atlas of Human Anatomy (2 Volumes) –Edited by Putz and R. Pabst,

Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins

6. Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy  by Anne M. R. Agur & Ming J. Lee:–Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins

7. Human Anatomy: Color Atlas and Text by Gosling T. A., Harris P. F., Whitmore I., William

8. Bullock B.L. & Henze R.L., Focus on Pathophysiology –Lippincott

9. Martini F. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology (Prentice Hall)

10. Goyal R. K. & Mehta A. A.  Human Anatomy Physiology And Health Education, (B. S. Shah Prakashan)

11.  West J. B. Best and Taylor’s physiological Basis of Medical Practice (Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore)

12.  Tortora G. J. and Anagnodokos, N. P. Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (Harper and Colling Publishers, New York)

13.  Joshi Vijaya D. Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Physiology (B.I. Churchill Livingstone)

14.  Chatterjee C. C. Human Physiology (Medical Allied Agency, Calcutta)

15.  Goyal R. K. et al.: Practical Anatomy Physiology and Biochemistry (B.S. Shah Prakashan, Ahmedabad)

16.  Garg K. et al. A Text Book of Histology (CBS Publishers, New Delhi)

17.  Lesson C. R. et al.: Text Book of Histology (W.B.Saunders Company).

18. Tortora Gerard. J. and Derrickson Bryan. Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (International Student Edition 13th  edition- Wiley)

19. Guyton A.C. and Hall J.E. : Textbook of Medical Physiology – 10th Edition– W. B. Saunders

20. Anne M. R. Agur & Ming J. Lee: Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy –Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins

21. Joshi Vijaya D. Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Physiology (B.I. Churchill Livingstone)

22. Textbook of practical Physiology C.L.Ghai ( Jaypee Brothers Medical publishers)



1. Inorganic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry :J. H. Block, E. B. Roche,T. O. Soine, C. O. Wilson, Varghese Publishing House, First Indian Reprint, 1986.

2. Bentley and Driver’s Textbook of Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Revised by L. M. Atherden, Oxford University Press, 8th Ed. 1969.

3. The Indian Pharmacopoeia, Latest Edition, Controller of Publications, Delhi.

4. Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry edited by A. H. Beckett, J. B. Stenlake, CBS Publishers, and First Indian edition 1987.

5. Vogel’s Qualitative Inorganic Analysis Revised by G. Svehla, Longman Gr. Ltd., 7th Ed. 1996.





Physical Pharmacy

1. Martin’s Physical pharmacy by Patrick J. Sinko, 5th edition, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, New York, 2006.

2. Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design, 2nd edition, Aulton, Michael E., Chrchill Livingstone, London, 2002.

3. Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy, Vol-I & II, 20th edition, Gennaro, Alfonso R.,Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, New York, 2002.

4. Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy, 3rd edition, Florence, A. T. Atwood, D. Macmillan Press Ltd., London 1998.

5. Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems, Ansel, Howard. C., Allen, Loyd V., Popovich, Nicholas G. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, New York, 2002.

6. Cooper and Gunn’s Tutorial Pharmacy, ed. Carter, S. J., 6th edition, CBS Publishers & Distributors, Delhi, 2000.

7.Bentley’s textbook of Pharmaceutics by E. A. Rawlins


Pharm Chem (Physical Chem)

1. Text book of Physical Chemistry: Samuel Glasstone, Macmillan India Limited, 2nd Ed. 1995.

2. Elements of Physical Chemistry; Peter Atkins, Julio de paula, Oxford University Press, 4th Ed. 2007.

3. Essentials of Physical Chemistry: Arun Bahl, B.S. Bahl, G.D. Tuli, S Chand & Co Ltd, 26thEd. 2009.

4. Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Physical Chemistry: Clyde R. Metz, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi. 2nd Ed. 2004.

5. Physical Chemistry: Keith J. Laidler, John H. Meiser, CBS Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi. 2nd Ed. 2006.




1. Pathologic basis of disease by- Cotran, Kumar, Robbins (Latest Edition)

2. Text book of Pathology- Harsh Mohan (Latest Edition)

3. Text book of Pathology- Y. M. Bhinde (Latest Edition)


Pharmaceutical Engineering – II

1. Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook – Robert H Perry, Green D.W., Maloney J.O.7th Edition, 1998, McGraw – Hill Inc., New York.

2. Tutorial Pharmacy by Cooper & Gunn, ed. S.J.Carter, CBS Publishers & Distributors, Delhi, 6th Edition, 2000.

3. Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design – M.E. Aulton. 2nd edition, Churchil Livingstone, New York, 2002.

4. The Theory & Practice of Industrial Pharmacy – Lachman L., Lieberman H.A. & Kanjig J.L., 3rd edition, 1990 Varghese Publishing House, Bombay.

5. Alfonso G. Remington: The Science & Practice of Pharmacy. Vol.I & II. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins Philadelphia.


Hospital Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy and Dispensing 


1. Hospital pharmacy by Hassan, Henry Kimpton publishers, London

2. Hospital organization and management by Kurt Dan and Jonathan S. Ratich, 4th edition,CBS publishers

3. Remington: The science and practice of pharmacy, latest education by Mack publishers

4. Dispensing Pharmacy by Cooper and Gunn, Twelfth edn.

5. Hospital pharmacy: Dr. R. K. Goyal and Parikh, B. S. Shah Publication.

6. Drug and cosmetic act and rules by Vijay Malik 



Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology-II

1. Textbook of microbiology by Tortora.

2. Pharmaceutical microbiology, sixth edn, edited by W. B. Hugo and A. D. Rusell Blackwell science

3. Principles of microbiology, Ronald M. Atlas. Second edn. W. C. Brown publishers

4. Bergeys manual of systematic bacteriology, Williams and Wilkins- A Waverly company

5. Disinfection, sterilization and preservation. Fourth edn, Symour S. Black. Lea and Febiger Philadelphia, London

6. Industrial microbiology. Fourth edn, Prescott and Dunn. CBS publishers and distributors

7. Principles of fermentation tehchnology. Second edn. P. F. Stanbury, A. Whiteshaker and S. J. Hall Aditya Books Pvt Ltd. New Delhi.

8. Microbiology, Pelczar/Chan Kreig Tata McGraw Hill edn

9. Industrial microbiology L.E. Casida, Jr. New age international publishers

10. Fundamental principles of bacteriology. A. J. Sale, Tata McGraw Hill publishing company Ltd.

11. Fundamentals of microbiology by forbischer

12. Remington Pharmaceutical Science, latest edn

13. Microbiology by Ronald Atlas




Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VII (Biochemistry)

1. E. E. Conn and P. K. Stumpf, Outlines of biochemistry, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

2. A. L. Lehninger, Principles of biochemistry, CBS publishers and distributors.

3. R. K. Murray, D. K. Granner, P. A. Mayes. V.W. Rodwell, Harpers biochemistry,

Prentice hall international Inc. latest edn.

4. M.Cohn, K.S. Roth, Biochemistry and disease. William and Wilkins co. Baltimore, Latest edn.

5. U.Satyanarayan, Biochemistry, Books and allied (P) ltd. Calcutta, latest edn.

6. G. F. Zubay, W. W. Parson, D. E. Vance, Principles of Biochemistry, WCB publishers,England, latest edn.

7. S.K. Sawhney, Randir Singh Eds, Introductory practical biochemistry, Narosa publishing house New Delhi.

8. D. T. Plummer, An introduction to practical biochemistry, Tata McGraw Hill New Delhi.

9. J. Jayaraman, Laboratory manual in biochemistry, Wiley eastern Ltd. New Delhi.

10. G. T. Mills, G. Leaf Practical Biochemistry, John Smith and Son Ltd.

11. Alan H. Gowenlock, Janet R. Mcmurray, Donald M. McLauchlan, Varley’s Practical clinical biochemistry, Heinemann professional publishing.

12. P. G. Tikekar, Practical Biochemistry.

13. S. C. Rastogi, Biochemistry, Tata McGraw Hill New delhi, Latest edn.

14. Ramkrishnan, K. G. Prasannan, R. Rajan. Textbook of medical Biochemistry,

Orient Longman Madras, Latest edn.



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